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Against the Rules.
Kohler, WI. 2019.

We’re a complex species. We’re constantly anticipating our next transformation, often neglecting to appreciate our current state. That’s the price we pay for autonomy: intermittent anxiety, depression, & an often misguided focus on the future.

For that reason; I have often found that love songs better suit the heartbroken, and powerful break-up songs better feed the imagination of those otherwise committed. In a constant state of flux, we are incentivized to chase what we don’t have.

There are a few anecdotal ‘bases’ in forming a relationship with someone new. Depending on your style, sending a song to a romantic interest is either a grooming tactic or a way to build intimacy and understanding. One does not dare send a song that mentions the concept of ‘love’ unless they’re trying to send a very specific message.

While formal ‘love languages’ often pertain to the ways by which we most naturally receive love – we often give love in many forms. One of the many ways in which I do that is by sharing *fire* playlists. There’s one for breakfast, one for dinner, one for long car-rides, and another for… um, more car rides.

And since I love You 3000, dear reader, I have decided to share a playlist with you. You will find I have not only provided a link to the playlist itself, I’ve also made cocktail recommendations to enhance your listening experience as well.

Movement – Hozier. This man’s haunting voice has the ability to transport you to an entirely foreign time and place. He submerses you in a new generation; where style and integrity are matched by a boundless depth of emotion. Full body chills, every time.
Something to Drink: Slightly Chilled Malbec.

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton. In this ballad, you can feel the artist’s pain, vulnerability, and overwhelming appreciation for his lover. Each line drips with the intimacy your Grandma always wished you’d find in another. Even if you don’t like country music, you’ll dig this.
Something to Drink: Honey Whiskey & Lemonade.

Lay Lady Lay – Magnet. This rendition wields the sheer power of seduction, baby. With the smoothness of a modern f*ckboy anthem and the precision of a symphony performance, you can’t help but fall victim to the invitation to let your guard down. Midnight kitchen dancing music at is finest, everyone.
Something to Drink: Brandy Old Fashioned.

The Morning – The Weekend. The first few seconds of this record are guaranteed to take your breath away. The Catholic choir-boy voice, the undeniably smooth timing, and the naughty action-packed lyrics will all ensure you fall victim to the cult religion of Abel Tesfaye. You’re welcome.
Something to Drink: Irish Coffee. Double on the Irish.

Bad at Love – Halsey. Some version of you living in the past, present, or future can relate to the shame associated with being ‘bad at love’. Halsey eases the pain of this admission with her pure range and palpable confidence. Instead of playing the victim, she owns her persistent failures. But hey, “you can’t blame [her] for trying”.
Something to Drink: Vodka Redbull.

Naked – Ella Mai. This song has the power to strip you of all of your guards; leaving you susceptible to the smooth and slow-motion rifts. Ella unwraps her heart and shares her innermost desires. Instead of making demands, she plainly asks, “are you that somebody?”.
Something to Drink: Vodka Soda with a lime.

La Vie en Rose – Louis Armstrong. In this version, Louis transcends all modern conceptions of romance. He swoons about the power that his love has to color his life in a rosy shade of pink. He makes a timeless promise that he will always ensure life is painless for his woman. Honeymoon phase, who? He’s on that FOR-EV-ER sh*t.
Something to Drink: French Martini.

Simple Things (Remix) – Miguel, Chris Brown, & Future. This trio comes together to confirm that one must not make concessions for style in order to craft a classic banger. Miguel professes that he’s not interested in all the accessories… he just wants you. And honestly, what is better than that?
Something to Drink: Something malted (Whiteclaw, Not Your Father’s, etc).

Lovefool – Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. This jazz band remix totally transforms this hit. The true message essentially begs one for love and affection, but this isn’t so obvious with the original happy-go-lucky facade. This one surgically replaces the scaffolding and replaces it with an excess of emotion. This rendition should be belted at the top of your lungs on your Monday evening drive home.
Something to Drink: Dirty Shirley.

Make You Feel My Love – Adele. Jesus f*cking Christ. Adele’s take on this classic provides a rare perspective on what its like to be a female hopeless romantic. She offers a safe haven for her love; eager to provide comfort and support no matter what the future brings. Painfully beautiful.
Something to Drink: Champagne with a touch of Framboise.

It is so important to surround yourself with humans that appreciate your specific taste art, food, and music. My best friends are the first to treat me to front row Ginwuine seats, attend Weeknd concert(s), and fangirl an Amy Winehouse Tribute band. Even if its not their cup of tea – they value our shared time together. And the dancing. And the laughs. And the alcohol. And I’ll be eternally grateful.

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“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in-between.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Not to be confused with the other Mozarts.