Love & Basketball: A Victory Story

Kenosha, WI. June 2019.

This love story begins as a delicious mash-up of classic One Tree Hill, stylish Riverdale, & the plot of your mom’s favorite telenovela. While these two met in a Photography course in high-school, Ana remembers most of these initial interactions involved her publicly putting li’l Pierre in his place. You remember how high-school boys are. You can’t even blame her.

Years later, Ana saw a familiar face listed as a suggested friend on a popular social media website. Except, this time… he was all-growed-up. She was pleasantly surprised by his ‘corporate necktie appeal’, and a seemingly lackluster criminal record to match. She invited him over to her apartment for dinner, and he never left. Neither of them would have it any other way.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting either half of this couple; you know that they are both extremely independent, wildly intelligent, & irrefutably hilarious. So, it only make sense to introduce them separately.

Meet Ana: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, dedicated nursing student, and healthcare professional. And, most importantly, roast-master extraordinaire (second only to Jeff Ross). She’s the first to call you out in the most playful of ways; and, also the most likely to make you laugh so hard you have to excuse yourself. Her sharp wit will have you apologizing for the dumb sh*t you haven’t even said yet.

Ana is a certified, 100% fresh Dominican goddess born to an impossibly hard-working mother. Every ounce of resulting wisdom is on display at all times. She has been subjected to the many horrors that modern US Immigration policies have to offer; yet, has handled them with unimaginable grace. While many natural born US citizens do not have the interest (or capacity) to empathize with such matters, she understands that ‘struggle’ is relative. She works to keep her heart soft for the rest of the world. But, she lived in Brooklyn for a year. So, like… don’t f*ck with her either.

Now, lets first agree that any man that would take on the challenge of partnering with such a bold, beautiful, driven woman is pretty remarkable himself. If Ana is a classy, studious blend of Halle Berry & Cardi B; Pierre is a that of Jordan Peele’s visionary talent & Trevor Noah’s unexpected candor. He holds down a corporate job by day and maintains a custom sneaker business by night. The OG Batman of elite footwear, if you will. He has already secured large orders from companies like Patron, so its absolutely necessary that Ana continues to humble him. Introducing him as “Perry”, the human version of Internet Explorer, often does the trick.

These two insist that the key to a successful relationship of any kind is sheer, unadulterated vulnerability. They aim to teach their daughter that there is no shame in seeking deep connections with family, friends, and lovers alike. All forms of love should be genuine and fulfilling. It takes a village, and we’re allowed to be choosy with the residents.

Pierre credits the success of their marriage to their lack of cookie-cutter expectations for how romantic relationships ‘should be’. Instead, they lean towards any discomfort to communicate openly and honestly. These two would rather wade through hurt feelings than fake it for a single second.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re painfully adorable. On any given Saturday night; you can find them cuddled up at home eating take-out, watching a (pirated) movie, & laughing so hard they cry. You might even catch them during Meli’s bath-time (which is religiously marked by 80s classic hits). Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” sends her in an adorable frenzy, sprinting towards the nearest porcelain surface. Once her parents are finished, this little one will be ruling the world.

“It sounds like a cop-out, but, my favorite thing about Ana is her hair. She wears it natural. She is so real and unafraid. I love that about her.”

Pierre M. 2019.

The dirty cocktail details:

  • His Favorite: Scotch, if he’s splurgin’. Jack & Coke when he’s #basic.
  • Her Favorite: Long Island Iced Tea.
  • Featured:
    • Black coffee, sugar added.
    • Mike’s Donuts & Chicken Signature Mimosa.

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