You Don’t Own Me: A Love Story

Sara & George. Kenosha, WI. April 2019.

It is an absolute treasure to open my interview series with these two cooler-than-cool newlyweds. Having just celebrated their six month wedding anniversary, they ooze the confidence and youthful admiration one might expect from childhood sweethearts.

Wicked smart, relentless, unique in every which way – these two are a match made in 2000’s pop-punk heaven.

Sharing a booth in a quaint Irish-American pub, Sara and George reminisced about that fateful October afternoon where they shared vows of unwavering commitment. Sara explained, “Marriage isn’t about infatuation. It’s about love and support. It is about knowing you won’t struggle through anything alone”.

Sara and George make an incredible team. Both are practicing mental health professionals. George was just elected Alderman of their ward in Chicago Heights, IL. Sara devoted her tireless efforts to his campaign at every turn. They still manage to cut out time to indulge in pro-wrestling events, seek out underground pop-punk shows, and give endless love to their puppy Sigmund.

But, maybe even more impressively; they are uniquely independent and perhaps equally headstrong.

As an incredible display of their lust for life, passion for each-other, and confidence in themselves; Sara performed a choreographed number to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” just before her ceremonial garter toss. While the song evokes especially warm family memories, it also sets the tone for their sound union:

“I don’t tell you what to say. I don’t tell you what to do. So, just let me be myself… that’s all I ask of you. I’m young, and I love to be young. I’m free, and I love to be free.”

Performed by: Lesley Gore. 1963.

While the two enjoy their respective freedoms, George is the first to admit that he is thankful for Sara’s ability to ground him in reality (AKA, putting him ‘on his ass’). She has a perfected knack for supporting his ambitions, regulating his sometimes grandiose ideations, and letting loose by performing a random song and dance number dedicated to George + Sigmund.

When it comes to their legacy, George would like to be remembered for his Batman-esque ability to challenge corruption, balance power, and maintain accountability to those he serves. Sara hopes she will be remembered for empowering others; shedding a positive light on the intricacies of mental illness, and dispelling the shame that results all too often.

Undoubtedly, their mission is well underway. And, we’re all better for it.

“Every night is a Saturday night with you, Sara.”

George. April 2019.

The dirty cocktail details:

  • His Favorite: 7 & 7 and/or PBR.
  • Her Favorite: Redbull & Vodka.
  • Featured:
    • Lakefront Hazy Rabbit IPA.
    • Irish Coffee.
    • Kenye Krush martini.
    • Chocolate Raspberry Cake martini.