There has never been a time where more creative content has been available just one click away. There is an original app, blog, or podcast to spotlight nearly every niche interest; and yet another solely for exclusive commentary on that same thing.*

But yet, you’ve found your way here… to my blog! This one aims to serve as a platform for curious souls that are delighted by thoughtful interviews, quirky comedy, and an eclectic selection of libations.

In setting the scope, it is important to know that I fall into a somewhat non-predictive category of liberal, feminist, millennial snowflake-sugar-cookie-something-or-other. While I am liberal in nearly every humanitarian sense; ‘Call-out culture’ scares me, and studying Behavioral Economics taught me to think more critically of the practical implications of many leftist ideologies. So, I’m still figuring it all out.

Most importantly, and most critical to my life’s trajectory: I was raised by strong women with impeccable taste in comedy, music, & all other things that move one’s soul.

Somewhere along the way, I garnered my own unique lust for life that solidified upon a few key pillars: “Sex & the City”, stand-up comedy, & dirty rap music. This adventure is going to allow you to reap all the benefits (with virtually none of the embarrassment)!

I always found great solace in imagining a stiff Cosmopolitan, designer shoes, a touch of sequins, and a breakfast with my girlfriends could solve any problem.

And, if an issue rare enough required a bit more attention; I’d spend a moody night indoors authoring a heartfelt article, peering over the top of my color coordinated Mac computer to romanticize the bustle on the streets of NYC below (#TeamCarrie).

However, young adulthood quickly revealed that life would be a lot less romantic and far less stylish. And, more brutally, that those coping mechanisms just weren’t going to cut it.

An affinity for stand-up comedy quickly helped fill in the blanks. Whether it was staying up late to watch “SNL: The Best of Dana Carvey”, reruns of the Chappelle Show, Tom Segura, John Mulaney, or searching the deep, dark depths of Youtube and Netflix alike… I learned to embrace the value in taking life a little less seriously.

Specifically in recent years, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” reignited my appreciation for Jerry Seinfeld’s specific brand of confident, dry, unapologetic humor.

His impatient, just-get-to-it already approach is one that I resonate with entirely (ie: “Never explain a scale of 1 to 10! We all know what the 1 is, and we all know what the 10 is! STOP! #TeamJerry).

Alas. Here we are. I maintain that there is great value in balancing the glittery Carrie romanticism imprinted upon me alongside the lighthearted Jerry aesthetic I’ve uncovered yet again.

Both influences reinforce the value of embracing the ugly parts of your approach to friendships, love, and work.

While they’d have some different opinions on whether an espresso drink or a vodka drink might provide some resolve… I’m interested in the research process anyway.

The good news is, no matter what you’re drinking, the company is key.

You’ll never regret a well timed Baileys & Coffee, or a freshly shaken Cosmopolitan, as long as you’re sitting across from a soul that recognizes yours.

Stay tuned for:

  • Candid Spotlight Interviews.
  • How-To’s in Reverse (a la Andie Anderson!).
  • Enticing photos & recipes for delicious drinks (coffee & booze!).
  • Other various attempts to impart some of my hard-earned wisdom.

TL;DR – I’m glad you’re here. This has been a long time coming.

*I found this out when I accidentally downloaded the “Joe Rogan Experience Experience” podcast. I was confused for longer than I’d like to admit.